Contact Lens

Contact lenses are small lenses that are applied directly to the eye to provide vision correction. Today, they are one of the most popular ways to correct vision problems and they are worn by an estimated 125 million people worldwide.

Why choose contact lenses?

There are many reasons that people opt to wear contact lenses instead of eye glasses. This can include the fact that contacts are easy to use and don’t have an effect on the wearer’s appearance. For those who lead active lifestyles, eye glasses can be a cumbersome and sometimes dangerous option, as the lenses and frames can break, causing damage to the eyes. In addition, contacts don’t fog up in cold weather like spectacles do and they have a wider field-of-vision compared to eye glasses. If you don’t want to wear spectacles, laser eye surgery is another option. But many are wary of this technology and the non-invasive nature of contact lenses can be a much more attractive solution. Contacts are also a much cheaper option, as surgery can cost hundreds of pounds.

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eye specialist in nashik Maharashtra |Dr. Kavita Patil | Surekha Hospital|
eye specialist in nashik Maharashtra | Dr. Kavita Patil | Surekha Hospital|
eye specialist in nashik Maharashtra

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